Living in white noise

I hear inconvenient outpours,
The hush hush incongruities
of a sick mind probing into sounds.
Those inside my head
that talk to me relentlessly, all day.
At times, the signals break,
Life shuts down without reception.
In white noise I have learnt to live,
Breathing amongst dead beings.
A cast away psychotic,
hurtled like space junk from a space ship.
Floating between two worlds
lacking oxygen,
I chew on sane air and
breathe back poison.
So vile and foul it kills my lungs
incarcerated within my own organ.
I am invisible, divisible
an indelible reproduction,
A tale of horror
written without an introduction.
I live in a crack, I am claustrophobic.
I blaze my own trail
I am a maverick.
Hiding in life
Maybe in death I can be seen.
To live among the dead
may be my supreme release.
Darkness is certain but it hovers
around light to be found.
I hope I will be heard
the moment I stop
making a sound.


8 thoughts on “Living in white noise

  1. Wow! This is amazing. Thanks for reblogging Stephen, otherwise I may not have found such great writing! And thanks for posting jchettri, looking forward to reading more πŸ™‚

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