‘Read me with a song’

Whenever I try to write, I do so with a song playing on my playlist. Music has always lent more meaning to whatever I am writing. From now on I'd like all of you to join my 'Read me with a song' experience. With each post I'd also like to share you the song that was playing on my system in hopes that it will only enhance your reading and your understanding of what I'd want you to hear in between those lines. If I do get the time and if my memory doesn't fail me, I'd also try go back to my previous posts to tag the songs I remember. Maybe it'll also give you a chance to listen to songs you may not have heard. I'd love it if you share your playlist for your blogposts as well.
Well for this post, there wasn't any except the sound of the fan and it's blades whirring against the warm air in the room. Considering the fact that as of now I am travelling in the North of Canada and that there's a fan on in my room itself is a tragic song of Global Warming.


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